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How Our WordPress Maintenance Service Gives Websites Support, Security & Speed!
Posted on July 23, 2020
By Brandon Davis
WordPress Maintenance Service Dallas TX

Your WordPress site is not all it could be. But it can be.

We love WordPress. Love it. And there are seemingly countless reasons for that:

WordPress lets you marry a CMS without marrying a provider. WordPress will work for your website–whatever it is (e.g. brick-and-mortar business, e-commerce, news, personal blog). It integrates with, well, everything. It’s easy to use and it is constantly improving.

But you already know all this.

What you also probably know is there are WordPress Maintenance Services whose sole purpose it is to keep your site running properly and staying healthy.

Skyrocket WP does all that and then some.

We’ll get to that. Let’s start from the beginning.


There are 5 Major Threats to Your WordPress Website


(1) Hackers

They are out there raising havoc and seem to never sleep. Trust us when we say your site is not immune to break in.

(2) Outdated WordPress core, theme, and plugin files

Like the operating system in your computer, WordPress core, theme, and plugin files need to be updated regularly. Millions of WordPress websites are simply not getting it done.

(3) Bugginess

Irritating hiccups and breakdowns that drive your visitors away fast.

(4) Downtime

Suddenly the site just goes poof. Just as someone was reaching in their pocket for their wallet.

(5) Ignorance

One does not simply set up a WordPress site and it’s all good. So much needs to be handled and managed ongoing and many simply do not what or where to do it.


Enter SkyrocketWP


(1) We offer you rock-solid security

SkyrocketWP has accumulated more than 150+ active clients across countless industries, ranging from start-ups and small businesses to international corporations and mega blogs.

The common ground among them? Since they’ve been with SkyrocketWP, they’ve never experienced a security breach.

That’s not to say they didn’t have security issues before SkyrocketWP. One of our clients was on the receiving end of DDOS attacks that had literally crippled his site. Posts couldn’t be read. The dashboard couldn’t be accessed. For all practical purposes, the website was done.

When he hired us, we were able to stop the DDOS attacks and get his site back up and running in less than an hour.


(2) SkyrocketWP monitors your uptime all day every day (and takes care of issues before you know they exist)


Imagine not ever having to worry about your site going down. We will watch your site 24/7/365 so you can get on with life and business as usual.


(3) We give you industry-leading page load speeds!


According to Kissmetrics, 40% of your potential clients won’t wait longer than 3 seconds for your website to load. In other words, you better be fast.

And where better to turn to make your website fast than to a WordPress maintenance, hosting, and support service who’s own website loads in a mind-boggling 591ms? To give context for that feat, Pingdom reports that SkyrocketWP is faster than 96% of all websites they’ve tested.

We built our site on the Divi Theme, a WordPress page builder regularly praised for its functionality and regularly criticized for its bloat.

In other words, SkyrocketWP outperformed 96% of all websites in the world with what some consider to be a bloated, resource-heavy WordPress page builder.

“Yeah, but will it work on my site?”

Every SkyrocketWP plan includes a page load speed guarantee. So, if your website isn’t immediately faster, we will promptly refund your first month’s payment—no questions asked.”


(4) The ease of all-in-one


No more having to make several calls and deal with several techs when you have issues. Hosting, maintenance, and support is all conveniently wrapped up in one service provider.


So what are our service plans?


You can find the pricing guide on our website.

Services start as low as $49 a month. And if you’re a Digital Skyrocket client, you’re already covered, so no need to take any additional action!

For more information about our plans, you’ll find an extensive FAQ at the bottom of the SkyrocketWP homepage.


Last but not least…


Because SkyrocketWP is owned by Digital Skyrocket, should you need more than just maintenance, we’re here to help!


If your business needs the support, security & speed that Skyrocket WP has to offer, get started today!

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